Acorn Archimedes

Released in 1987, the Acorn Archimedes is the second family of personal and home computers by Acorn Computers.

System Overview

Utilising their own ‘ARM’ CPUs, Acorn marketed the machines as being high end educational and personal computers. In the UK especially, the Archimedes was picked up by schools who had built up trust in the Acorn brand with the BBC Micro. The systems were built with expansion in mind and the early versions of the Acorn Archimedes included several expansion slots.

Over 15 variants of the system were released from 1987 to 1992 and competed mainly with a number of similarly positioned systems of the era. Namely the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and developing PC markets. As with the BBC Micro, the Acorn Archimedes was primarily found in schools. However, the release of the A3010 & A3020 were more focused on the home user. These systems took its form factor more from the likes of the Amiga and Atari ST. Also including a built-in TV modulator made it more attractive to the average consumer.

Ultimately Acorns market share diminished in the early 1990s. This was due to the increase in popularity and functionality of Windows-based PCs and Apple’s Macintosh system.

Acorn Archimedes
The Acorn Archimedes

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How to Emulate this system?

Due to the Acorn Archimedes being more niche than many popular systems, emulators are a little harder to come by. This is especially the case when looking at all in one solutions such as RetroArch. There are however options available to allow you to emulate the Acorn Archimedes and relive those memories. Take a look at the options below:

Emulator Description Platform
ArcEm ArcEm is an Acorn Archimedes emulator that runs on a number of platforms. It actually has Amiga, RISC OS and ARM Linux versions too! Windows / Mac

Raspberry Pi Acorn Archimedes Emulator

The Raspberry Pi is a compact single board computer which has become very popular for emulating retro computers and consoles. You can buy the Pi very cheaply and has a whole community supporting and building accessories and applications that are compatible with.

Significantly, for Retro Gaming enthusiasts, the Raspberry Pi offers fantastic all round emulation of many systems. It offers the ability to play Acorn Archimedes games on HDTVs via HDMI or older CRT TVs via composite outputs. Combining the Raspberry Pi with Retropie, you have a device capable of emulating anything from the Atari 2600 to the Sony PlayStation.

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